Plugins updating process included with Venture WP

Hello Buyers,
Theme purchase code and plugin purchase code are different. You purchased the theme and plugins are included with the theme. Plugins author do not allow automatic updates of their plugin which is included with the theme. And thus all author in the themeforest just included the plugins with an extended license and update their theme with updated plugin include with the theme.

Likewise, an updated version of Venture Theme with all required updated plugins will available time to time. then you can download the updated plugins and just update your plugins manually VIA FTP by replacing them. Don’t worry you’ll notify every time when the updated theme with updated plugins are available


Home Page Headers

Custom Headers – Page Selection

Go to any page (ex: home page) and then go to the “Page Attributes” section in the bottom-right

To set the transparent menu with slider (top part) overlapped by menu, select the “Homepage Header1” and to select the content after menu, select the “Home Page” and for normal page (without visual composer), select the Default Template from the page Template drop-down section and then click save. See the attached below please.

Home Headers

Understanding Header Background – Theme options and details explanation

Recent version of the theme has an option to set the different background color for before and after sticky.

See the attached (header-before-after-color.jpg)


So you can set the background color for both before and after sticky separately.

Also a new option available for you to choose a custom header style for different pages (“Page Attributes” section in the bottom-right of any pages). See the attached where content of the page overlapped by menu (may useful for any page where slideshow is showing

Header 1

and set a transparent background color for the menu in the ThemeOptions (Venture Options from the left menu panel). See attached

Header 1 Theme Option

Suite the Big Logo in responsive view

If your logo is too Big in height and if it is not suite in mobile device then you can follow the following step to fix this.

1. Go to “Venture Options->CSS” and paste the following code in the editor (see the attached image).

@media only screen and (max-width : 768px) {
.site-logo img
width: 100px;

2. Click Save . Note: here width: 100px can be changed (may be 150px, 200px, 300px etc) according to your satisfaction


How to remove the comment section of a page

To remove the comment section of a page you just refer to the following screenshot.

1. Go to any page and the click on the top right “Screen Option” and check the “Discussion” and then go to the bottom of the page and uncheck the “Allow Comments” in the bottom “Discussion” section


2. Now save the page and in this page you’ll not see any comment section in the front end

Loading theme option which is in the demo

1. Click on Venture Options and then Click Import / Export and then Import from file

Loading theme option

2. Open the file theme_option.json from the Dummy Data folder and then copy the content from it.

Loading theme options

3. Paste the content in the Import from file section and then Click on Import and after importing the data just click on Save Changes

Loading theme option

4. Now it should have all the default settings for theme option which is in the live demo and you can now edit the theme options going to “Venture Options” from the admin left panel.

5. For example if you want to edit the top “Donate” button link/content you just need to go to “Header->Header Bar” from the theme options and can change it from editor of the Header Bar area